I miss you

I miss you.

I miss the wiggles.

I miss my big pregnant belly.

I miss you.

But… It’s more than that.

I miss the times we never got.

I miss the day we would have brought you home from the hospital.

I miss the late night feedings we never had.

I miss rocking you to sleep if you were here.

I miss the warm baby snuggles I would give anything to get with you.

I miss singing you songs if you were here to coo along.

I miss the sweet baby kisses I would give you.

I miss watching you grow if death hadn’t cruelly ripped you away.

I miss you.

I miss saying your name with a smile on my face, thinking of your future.

I miss hearing your heart beat.

I miss the lifetime that was supposed to be ahead of us.

I miss your funny faces as you try new food.

I miss your first steps.

I miss hearing your first words.

I miss your first birthday and all the others you were supposed to have.

I miss your first day of kindergarten.

I miss teaching you to read.

I miss your high school and college graduation.

I miss your wedding day.

I miss you.

I miss all that you were.

I miss all that you would have been.

I miss you.

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