My wild Saturday night belly shots

Day two of stims in the books.

At our first appointment Wednesday, we were able to meet with a pharmacist who gave us a thorough training in the injections I have to do. We felt confident after that that we knew what we would be doing.

Fast forward to Friday when I pulled out my box of medications, syringes, and needles… I felt lost again. It overwhelming the amount of various vials and needles I have for this. We went through the steps together and pieced it together again.

I have one injection that’s pretty simple: put the cartridge into the pen, dial to the dosage, and inject. Then I have one that requires me to mix a powder with a liquid. It took me a while to place confidence in myself that I knew the correct steps, and then to actually do it.

This evening’s stims went much quicker, but, man, do these sting! I’m not new to injections… I did 2-3 a day for about 8 weeks during my pregnancy with Ian. I was mostly able to avoid my stomach for those, though, because I hated how it felt. I don’t have an option for avoiding the stomach for these, but on the plus side (if you can call it that), there’s not the life on the line.

I’m not noticing any side effects yet, although it’s obviously early for that still.

I’m looking forward to my monitoring appointment Tuesday to see how things are progressing. *Thinking plump thoughts*

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