Sticky Bun Update

Today was 10 weeks + 3 days, and my first MFM appointment.

Another check on my long list of one-small-step-at-a-time.

I’ve been waiting to update because a LOT has happened in the last couple weeks, personally. We moved after finally selling our house and closing on our new one. I had my first official freak out of the pregnancy. I saw yet another doctor for a consult/second opinion/additional monitoring. So I wanted to cap it all off with positive news from today. At least that’s what I hoped, which is a risky game to play in this situation!

Luckily, I do have a *mostly* positive update! Sticky Bun is still going strong! 176 bpm and measuring 10w+5d today!

First, let’s rewind through why I saw another doctor.

So following my OB appointment, I got home and was looking at the picture from the scan and realized there was almost no black space around Sticky Bun. I had been so flustered by the higher than expected heart rate, that I didn’t even realize or question the lack of fluid. With Ava, she was a tiny blob in the middle of a big pocket of fluid at that point. So why the major difference with this one?

The doctor hadn’t mentioned anything about it, and I call the office enough as it is. I’m not sure if he even noticed the lack of fluid, or if he just didn’t want me to worry. So, I turn to the CHI support group and post a picture. I received feedback that reassured me, and feedback that I could potentially have low progesterone as this person had experienced a similar scan and was low in progesterone. We connected and talked it over, and turns out they are actually close enough to refer a doctor who not only knew about CHI, but one who I could easily drive to go see for a consult! My mind was blown! This group is global, but small, with mostly UK people. And living in a super rural state, I had no expectation of ever finding someone relatively close who had CHI. I had to meet the doctor who already knew about CHI, one who I wouldn’t have to explain what in the world it was! First I called up my MFM office and inquired about testing for progesterone levels. I’m already on 200mg twice a day, but I honestly hadn’t felt like I was absorbing much of it, so I felt it reasonable to check out. Turns out, it’s only prescribed in the dose I’m taking as recommended by ACOG to prevent preterm labor, so they don’t monitor levels, and even if they did, they wouldn’t change the dose. Well, I’m not taking it to prevent preterm labor. I haven’t had that issue. I’m on progesterone on the theory/ hope of building and maintaining a healthy placenta and a healthy pregnancy. Progesterone is vital for a healthy pregnancy – wouldn’t we want to know if my levels were actually any good?

Aside from my potential overreaction to the scan, I have hyperthyroidism. I know it’s different, but if my thyroid is dysfunctional and messing up my hormones, it doesn’t seem absolutely crazy to me that my pregnancy hormones could also be out of whack. I mean, turns out my body is an absolute mess, masquerading as a perfectly healthy person. My ovaries are probably dysfunctional in this way, too. I figure if nothing else, it will get my head right that either my levels are fine, or that I advocated for myself and tried my best to keep the pregnancy going in every way possible.

So, I called up the new doctor and explained the situation. They wanted to see me right away – the Friday before we close on our houses on a Monday. Away I went the next day on the two hour drive to see this doctor. We had a great consult in which she shared her experience and knowledge, and how she’d had contact with a leading UK doctor regarding CHI. I did two labs while there and then two shots of progesterone just in case my labs came back low. Turns out, my progesterone was definitely low, coming in at 16. I was also severely low in another hormone called DHEA, which is also vital in pregnancy.

Long story short, my husband now has the lovely job of giving my a shot in my butt cheek twice a week for the foreseeable future, and I’m on a DHEA supplement of 10mg twice a day.

Fast forward back to today.

The baby is still measuring on track, the same 2 days ahead that it has been, but now there was more black space around baby. I was feeling pretty good about today’s scan. In the consult with the MFM directly after the scan, he informed us that the gestational sac is actually only measuring at 9 weeks. He said he wasn’t too concerned about this since baby is still measuring great and there looks to be enough fluid. I’m hoping that it’s working on catching up and by the next scan all will be well. He then went ahead and decided that I could or should have weekly scans to give me peace of mind. In our previous consults and phone calls, he had only mentioned doing weekly scans once I got further along or if something came up that I needed closer monitoring. So I’m conflicted on whether there is really nothing to worry about or not. It’s a waiting game at this point to see if it resolves, but like the MFM said, “We are already throwing the kitchen sink at you.” No matter what the coming weeks bring, I will have a little slice of peace knowing that I’ve literally done every possible thing to give this pregnancy the best shot.

The other side note on the scan report that wasn’t so great is that my ovaries were labelled as “sub-optimal.” I’m not surprised though, given the labs I did at the new doctor. In a weird way, it was reassurance and validation that I had done the right thing in seeking more help/ monitoring for the hormonal side of things.

Next up!

Since I have weekly scans now, I will have those as like sub-bullets on my small steps to get to. Another week down, another good scan… but I won’t bore ya’ll with every single one. At least not yet… ha!

I think my next main focus will be getting to 12 weeks… Fingers crossed we will be on to the next trimester!

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