“This Never Happens”

I’m having a really hard time, y’all. I know we all are in different ways. Thanks Rona.

As some may remember from a previous post, we’ve been trying to sell our house since July of last year. We needed out of this house and out of this town. To us, it’s just full of painful memories, lost hope, and crushed dreams.

Well in March we finally went under contract, and we were so excited to have a close date of May 1! We found a new house that we absolutely love – a fresh house for a fresh start. Fingers crossed the whole way that something good could actually happen for us. Please let our bad luck in seemingly everything be over!

Well, the universe thought it would just keep messing with us. Last week we started to get anxious because the buyers’ appraisal hadn’t happened yet. Come to find out, the appraiser was just MIA and no one could get ahold of him! We thought, “Oh great, our contract will be extended or fall through because this guy has disappeared.” That’s on par with how things go for us, so why are we even surprised at this point? Plot twist! He shows up with about 1.5 hours notice and does a quick appraisal. ALL IS SET FOR CLOSE NOW! We are on the home stretch, all that’s left is signing the papers in 12 days!

Cue universe laughing at us.

I get a text from our realtor this morning, “call me asap.”

Our buyers are backing out of our contract because the military issued a stop movement order. He can’t move from his base to the base here anymore. We are crushed because now we can’t close on the house we love. We are sad for them because it sounded like they were excited to move here and have this house. Turns out though, the stop movement order went into effect BEFORE our contract was signed. I feel bad for them as I understand it’s out of their control since it’s military orders, but I am so upset they didn’t tell us about the order so we could have passed on their offer in the first place.

Our agent said she’s trying to figure out what to do for our contract situation on what was going to be our new house. As she put it, “This never happens.”

I feel like that should be the title of my memoir.

Oh, and I made brownies with homemade caramel sauce to keep me company in my pit of despair. (And I promise I’m mostly done ranting and being dramatic. For now. Thanks for reading all that.. y’all must be my friend or extremely bored. 😂)

GF brownies with homemade caramel sauce and dark chocolate on top

One thought on ““This Never Happens”

  1. I am so sorry that happened to you. What an awful experience. Even though I haven’t really been commenting lately I read all your posts and I wish you all good things. Hugs.

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