Timing is Everything

I’ve debated sharing more details about my health and TTC journey because I don’t want others to see what I’m doing and jump on it like a fad diet. A year ago I was scouring the internet for any crumb of information even remotely related to CHI and stillbirth, and pregnancy after loss. So, now that I have started this blog, it’s only fair that I provide what information I can to those women who will follow. Those who have faced the worst and are searching for any little hint that there is hope. I can share my reality, my experiences, and it as little as it may already mean to others, it would mean even less if I wasn’t 100% about what I’m doing and experiencing.

That said, I think everyone is different and what works for me won’t be a guarantee for anyone else. And to add to that, I haven’t even found what works for me yet. So for what it’s worth, here’s where we are at.

I gave up alcohol in June, thinking I’d be pregnant soon. I guess it’s still good for my fertility health to cut out the occasional glass of wine anyway.

I gave up caffeine (mostly) in July. No coffee since July; I’ve only had tea a few times in moments of weakness or self pity when another negative cycle passed by.

I gave up gluten and lactose (mostly) in September. I never took gluten free for those who don’t have Celiac seriously, but after a few months of not getting pregnant combined with my diagnosis of hyperthyroidism, I thought I’d give it a shot. I had read this article, and then went on to read how gluten sensitivity has a higher prevalence in those with endocrine disorders. The lactose is mostly a reduction in lactose, I still eat dairy like butter and kefir, but I also read that those who are allergic to gluten tend to be lactose intolerant. I think the change in how I feel as a result of these diet changes is attributed more to the lactose reduction and the fact that by avoiding gluten I’m not indulging in baked goods as much. I say mostly since September because, again, I’ve backslid a few times when facing more negatives. I can tell the difference when I’ve had gluten or lactose and it takes a day or two for me to feel “normal” again. I’m definitely less bloated since giving them up, and I have maintained a weight I haven’t been able to maintain since college which has been nice considering I have a very sedentary job.

I now take low dose aspirin, prenatal vitamin, calcium, vitamin D, and my thyroid med PTU in the the morning, and then B6, B12, Folate, and PTU in the evening. I’ve been taking the aspirin since June, only stopping for a month and a half for my procedure in December to remove my polyps. There is a lot out there about aspirin and how it may or may not help with getting and staying pregnant. Obviously my case says it’s not a magical answer because I’m still here waiting for that BFP. My RE wanted me back on the aspirin for my fertility treatment that I just started, so I guess I will continue and see what happens. The vitamins are mostly because I will be taking them in my pregnancy, so why not get a headstart?

Anyway, that brings us to this cycle. I started my first timed cycle this month. I took Femara last week for 5 days, and Wednesday I go into the RE to have my ovaries sonogram to see if I’m producing eggs like I should. Hopefully everything will look as it should, then I will give myself a trigger shot of hCG to ovulate.

“Timing is everything” is an understatement at this point. I’m trying not to get my hopes up because it’s not guaranteed success, but it’s hard not to cling to hope that this time will be different. This strategy will work. This time it has to work because where do we go from here if it doesn’t work?

This post was longer than I anticipated and not at all interesting. Maybe I’m the only one who would’ve appreciated a post like this when I was just gaining my footing in my new reality. I find it difficult when faced with so many unknowns. I know that no one TTC journey is the same, but I feel like reading through others’ experiences gave me my bearings and what I could possibly expect on my way. I hope this is helpful to someone in the future. If one person reads this and feels less lost or alone, I will have accomplished my mission. If you’re reading this because you’re one searching for any and all info you can about CHI and pregnancy after, and you have any questions at all, send me a message! I’m an open book. Most of all, I wish you well, and I hope your journey to success is short.

Anyway, here’s to another cycle, a new strategy, and a little bit of hope.

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